SEEDS4CD – Symposium to Experience, Exchange and Discuss on Spectroscopy for Chiral Differentiation

Chirality is of utmost importance in biochemistry, pharmacology but also in supramolecular chemistry and preparation, characterization and utilization of molecular chirality comprise a wide scientific field within chemistry. The community consists of (a) synthetic chemists, who are interested in developing new ways to make chiral molecules, (b) spectroscopists, who use different chirality-sensitive spectroscopic measurement techniques to elucidate and understand the molecular structure and intermolecular interactions of chiral molecules, and (c) materials chemists (in the wider sense), who use chirality as molecular property to control materials function such as, for instance, light-induced molecular motion.

Scientists from these different areas of chirality research meet regularly at international conferences such as the Intl. Symposium of Chiral Discrimination (in 2019 held in Bordeaux), the Intl. Conference on Chiroptical Spectroscopy (in 2019 held in Pisa) and the meeting Chirality at the Nanoscale (held in Ascona, Switzerland in fall 2019). There are also more specialized series such as the Intl. Conference on Vibrational Optical Activity (VOA, next to be held in Edmonton, Canada, in 2020). These conferences are great for PhD students to experience top-notch researchers talking about their highly interesting and innovative research. At the same time, the possibilities for PhD students to actively contribute to these conferences are typically limited to the presentation of a poster; talks are almost never given by PhD students but by established professors. Consequently, scientific exchange between the students is difficult as one presents the own poster while the other PhD students stand in front of theirs as well. We feel that this exchange should be more in the focus of such international meetings. We have therefore developed the idea of a chirality conference that is intended just for PhD students to present to a broad and international audience. They will be given the chance to discuss their results, seek help for open questions from their peers and potentially foster new collaborations.

The facts

Location: Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Date: 26-29. May 2020

Local organizing committee:
Luisa Weirich
Tino Golub
Dr. Christian Merten

International Advisory Board:
Dr. Agnieszka Kaczor, Jagiellonian University, Krakow
Prof. Dr. Christian Johannessen, University of Antwerp
Prof. Dr. Julien Bloino, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

The program

The conference program will almost entirely consist of contributed talks by PhD students (17 min + 3 min discussion). In addition, the program offer tutorial talks on spectroscopic methods, chiral separation and asymmetric catalysis given by young investigators from the respective fields.

A social program including a conference dinner and an excursion is in preparation as well.

The costs

We are aware that conference travel budgets are not large for PhD students. Therefore, the conference will be free of charge for all contributing participants (ie. the PhD students)! We also welcome registrations by established PIs, who – for the spirit of the conference idea – will not be able to contribute with a talk but with lots of advises, discussion input and support.

At the current stage of planning (june 2019), we in the process of acquiring financial support of the conference participants as well. It is intended to establish travel grants for EU- and non-EU partipants, which should allow many students to attend the meeting even if full financial support cannot be given my the home institution. We keep you posted on this!

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