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We are proud to host the 8th International Conference on Vibrational Optical Activity (VOA8) at Ruhr-University Bochum in August 2024. We are looking forward to celebrating 50 years of vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectroscopy (first publications on VCD in 1973/1974). Bringing together today’s leading experts of vibrational optical activity and alumni of the field provides a forum to discuss the latest research, techniques and instrumentation from around the world but also to look back at half a century of developments in the field.

Main topics:
– Latest developments in instrumentation for VCD and ROA
– Solvent Effects on VCD and ROA
– Techniques complementing chiroptical spectra analysis
– Theoretical chiroptical studies (post-HF, DFT, CP, MD, QM/MM/Continuum)
– P. J. Stephens award session
Special anniversary session

The location

The 8th International Conference on Vibrational Optical Activity will be held at the campus of the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB).  The Ruhr University is reached from the city center by tram line U35 within about 15 minutes. The campus is home to about 42000 students, 2000 of them being enrolled in chemistry programmes. The Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry with its 32 professors and their groups conducts cutting-edge research in Confinement Controlled Chemistry, Sustainable Chemistry, Bio-, Electro- and Materials Chemistry. The Cluster of Excellence RESOLV (“Ruhr Explores SOLVation”) focuses on Solvation Science and explores the role of solute-solvent interactions on various aspects of chemistry, among others also on chirality.

Bochum is located in one of the most vivid areas of Germany, the Ruhrgebiet. With Bochum in its center, the Ruhrgebiet is a fusion of several big cities in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, with Dortmund, Essen, and Duisburg being the biggest ones. All cities share a common history in coal mining. You will experience this history during our conference excursion, which brings us to the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Zeche Zollverein”, an old mining site turned into a museum. You can dive deeper into the region’s mining history by visiting the German Mining Museum in Bochum. Nowadays, the Ruhrgebiet is a cultural hot spot, offering many events throughout the summer. One of the most important places to visit in Bochum city center is the Bermuda3eck (Bermuda triangle) with its many bars and restaurants.

Sponsorship Opportunities

As an exhibitor at VOA8, you can present your services and products to a knowledgeable and motivated international audience. If you are interested in exhibiting at VOA8, please contact us at to learn more about the available sponsorship packages. There are a variety of opportunities to become involved in this event and we look forward to working with you to find a suitable level of involvement and sponsorship that fits the needs of your company.

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