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We are interested in the mechanisms of the transfer of chirality respectively chiral information in systems relevant for asymmetric catalysis and chiral recognition. Our main experimental tool is vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectroscopy.

Latest news

June 2019
Solvent effects on the VCD spectra of chiral alcohol

Luisa’s first paper is out! In her Masters thesis, she investigated solvent effects on the VCD spectra of a series of chiral alcohols and developed guidelines on how to account for explicit solvation in the computational analysis of the spectra. The results have now been published in PCCP. Congrats!

May 2019
Perspective article on AC determinations by VCD

Christian, Tino and Nora have made some efforts to prepare a review article on AC determinations by VCD spectroscopy. The paper outlines the general work flow and the experimental requirements without going into too much technical detail – the ideal overview for those interested in getting an AC from VCD. In the second part, the article summarizes about 100 examples for AC determination published in the last decade. Give it a read.

April 2019
New job for the community

This month, Christian became member of the editorial board of the Wiley-VCD journal Chirality – the journal for the community of chiroptical spectroscopists, chiral recognition and chiral separations.

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