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We are a group of physical organic chemists interested in stereochemistry and chiroptical spectroscopy. Our main experimental tool is vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectroscopy, which we use to study a variety of phenomena related to molecular chirality, such as the mechanisms of the transfer of chirality respectively stereochemical information in systems relevant for asymmetric catalysis and chiral recognition or fundamental questions regarding solute-solvent and other intermolecular interactions. We are also interested in developing novel sampling techniques such as matrix isolation VCD for characterization of photochemically generated chiral species or cryosolutions-VCD for chiroptical studies on weak interactions in liquid rare-gases.

Latest news

March 2021
Water determines conformation of macrolide

We use VCD spectroscopy to show that a single water molecule determines the conformation of azithromycin even in CDCl3 solution. Congrats to Daniel on the second exciting paper in ChemCommun from his postdoc time in Bochum. Read more.

December 2020
Chiral propellers of triarylborane ammonia adducts.

Congratulations to Michael on his first paper! An exciting example for the use of VCD spectroscopy for stereochemical characterizations – great job! Read more about it in Angewandte Chemie!

December 2020
New paper in PCCP

Important for AC determinations of tosylates by VCD spectroscopy: Kevin shows in his first paper just published in PCCP that polarization functions on sulfur are very important to correctly predict harm. S=O stretching frequencies. Read more in PCCP.



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