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We are interested in the mechanisms of the transfer of chirality respectively chiral information in systems relevant for asymmetric catalysis and chiral recognition. Our main experimental tool is vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectroscopy.

Latest news

July 2020
Collaboration on CD spectra of Ni-catalysts

… that have been used in the preparation of chiral polymers are reported in a joint paper with the Pammer group from Ulm. Read more….

June 2020
Secondary structure of a dipeptide model

In collaboration with Tom Vermeyen from the University of Antwerp, we report on the solvent dependence of the VCD spectral signatures of a ProPhe dipeptide and their characteristic secondary structures. Read more…

May 2020
More complex, less complicated!

We just published another study on solvation of chiral alcohols in PCCP and show that solvation effects become negligible with increasing size and structural complexity of the solute. The paper also contains data from our former Bachelor student Katharina Blanke! Read more…

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