October 2018
New paper: Explicit Solvation of Carboxylic Acids

On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of experimental and theoretical IR and vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectra, we make suggestions for solvation schemes for carboxylic acids. More specifically, we have studied two chiral carboxylic acids in solvents of different polarity and hydrogen bonding capabilities and verify previously proposed solute–solvent structures for their general applicability.

June 2015
New Paper in Angewandte Chemie on Asymmetric Induction

In collaboration with Benjamin List from the Max-Planck-Institut for Coal Research, VCD spectroscopy was used to study the transmission of stereochemical information in a chiral ion pair based catalyst. Spectral features indicative of chirality transfer from the chiral anion to the achiral cation can be correlated with the enantioselectivity of the catalyst.

July 2014
Angewandte Paper on Dihydrogen bonding

A chiral amine–borane is investigated by VCD spectroscopy. By comparison of experimental and calculated spectra, a unique VCD pattern associated with the formation of dihydrogen-bonded dimers in solution is identified. Different dihydrogen binding arrangements in solution and in solid state are characterized.

May 2014
Paper on chiral polymers in PCCP

Solvent-driven chiroptical switching of a helical chiral poly(carbodiimide): In collaboration with the group of Bruce Novak (University of Texas, Dallas), we investigate the structural changes of a chiral polymer upon change of solvent polarity and temperature and observe the flipping of polymer side groups and a shrinking of the backbone.

March 2014
New Paper in Inorganic Chemistry

Solvent-effects in chiral transition metal complex: A comparison between the experimental and calculated VCD spectra proves the existence of both Δ and Λ isomers in an acetonitrile solution. However, a significant shift of the equilibrium toward the Λ diastereomer is found for the complex in dimethyl sulfoxide.

January 2014
First paper on cyclic peptides in collaboration with the Sander group

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