VCD in liquid rare gases: First paper on CryoVCD

The matrix-isolation technique allows us to study chiral molecules in frozen rare-gas matrices. This is advantages especially if reactive/instable species are to be examined. A thermodynamic equilibrium cannot be reached, tho. Therefore, we developed CryoVCD, a new technique that allows us to record VCD spectra of chiral molecules in liquid rare-gases as solvents. This requires low temperatures (-100°C for xenon) and elevated pressures (3-5 bar for Xe). We have faced the challenges of developing such system and show in our recent PCCP paper that it actually works!

The experiment got the nickname “R2D2”. If you are curious why, feel free to visit us and see R2D2 yourself.

erstellt am: 27.02.2019 | von: christian | Kategorie(n): Allgemein


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